Pineapple Cup Set, 3-piece (300 ml each) + lid and straw

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Product details:

✓ Perfect as a cocktail cup and decoration

✓ With lid and straw

✓ 300 ml capacity

✓ Made from aluminum

Scope of delivery:

1x pineapple mug, 300 ml, bronze color

1x pineapple tumbler, 300 ml, color gold

1x pineapple mug, 300 ml, color silver

The Hawaiian pineapple mug set is supplied in elegant premium packaging.

Your 3-piece pineapple mug set "Hawaii" with mugs in the dazzling colors bronze, gold and silver, each with lid and straw, will be delivered to you within 2-3 working days.

The Specter & Cup pineapple mug set "Hawaii" is delivered to you in an elegant black premium box. The high-quality packaging also makes the set an exceptional gift for special occasions.

Before the "Hawaii" pineapple mug set leaves our warehouse, it undergoes a thorough quality check. Should you nevertheless discover a defect, we are of course available to you at any time.

3-piece Hawaiian pineapple mug set: three colors and three times the fun in 300 ml each

With the Specter & Cup pineapple cup set "Hawaii", you get three shiny companions for your party or cozy get-together: each cup, whether in radiant gold, shimmering silver or antique bronze, promises a unique drinking experience and sets shiny accents as an eye-catcher for every occasion. Thanks to the practical lids and straws, which match every cup color, every sip is a stylish pleasure. And if the 300 ml capacity of each cup is enjoyed together in a friendly group, the drinking fun can be enjoyed as a trio. The pineapple-shaped cocktail cups offer space for a variety of different drinks - and are not just limited to cocktails: whether it's a sparkling cocktail with or without alcohol or a cool refreshing drink, the set makes every enjoyment a particularly exotic experience.

This pineapple mug set of 3 is like a bodyguard team that protects your joy

Tastes are different, and so are colors: Each color brings its own charm and is perfect for different moods and occasions. The shimmering gold cup is perfect for life's golden moments, the shimmering silver one for elegant celebrations and the bronze one for cozy evenings, for example. With its functional lid and straw, even every sip outdoors becomes a carefree pleasure, as it prevents insects from disturbing your drinking fun. Our Specter & Cup pineapple cups adapt to every moment and together ensure that you can enjoy those special seconds without compromise.

Customer Reviews

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Kirsy Herman
Super Set, Sehr zufrieden 👌🏼

Super Set, Sehr zufrieden 👌🏼

A brilliant trio as a special gift highlight

The Hawaii cocktail cup set from Specter & Cup is truly one of those gifts that make a lasting impression. In three dazzling colors - gold, silver and bronze - these pineapple cups combine exoticism with style and offer the right cup for every taste. Presented in elegant black premium packaging, this set not only stands for quality, but also for unforgettable moments and pure joie de vivre. Give your loved ones a loving treat and give them a touch of Hawaii for their home.

Including Hawaii and exotic design

Get the exotic tropics in the colors bronze, gold and silver comfortably at home and marvel at sophisticated details such as the shape of the pineapple as well as a unique haptic experience. The Hawaii set doesn't just cut an excellent figure as a cocktail cup: thanks to their aesthetic design, the pineapple cups can also be used wonderfully as decorative objects and adorn all kinds of shelves, display cabinets or dining tables - even if they look even more beautiful in your hands, together with delicious drinks, we think...

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