The Most Popular Cocktails - stylishly served in a Copper Cup

The most popular cocktails are the heart of every good party, the highlight of a relaxed evening with friends or the perfect accompaniment to a sunny afternoon on the terrace. Good cocktails, especially from high-quality copper cups, are an expression of countless creative possibilities that can bring special delights to the palate. We are happy to guide you through the world of the most popular cocktails and show you in simple steps how you can easily prepare them yourself to fill your copper Specter & Cup cocktail cups with incredibly delicious flavors.

Moscow Mule Rezept – Das Original

Moscow Mule Recipe - The original

Embark on a sensory journey where your taste buds will enjoy a refreshing and invigorat...
Gimlet Rezept  - Für eine erfrischende Verführung

Gimlet Recipe - For a refreshing seduction

Simple and elegant, that's the Gimlet cocktail based on our recipe: The sweet and sour ...
Erlebe Erfrischung pur mit dem Cucumber Refresher Cocktail

Experience pure refreshment with the Cucumber Refresher Cocktail

The Cucumber Refresher cocktail is the ultimate refreshment for hot summer days. This n...
Moskau Mule Cocktail Rezept (alkoholfrei)

Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe (non-alcoholic)

Have you always wanted to enjoy a Moscow Mule, but without alcohol? Then this Moscow Mu...
Mint Julep Rezept: Die Magie des Südens

Mint Julep Recipe: the magic of the south

With this mint julep recipe, you can create a cocktail that brings the South of the USA...
Tauche ein in die Karibik mit dem Mai Tai Original Rezept

Immerse yourself in the Caribbean with the Mai Tai Original recipe

Born in the heart of the Caribbean, the original Mai Tai cocktail symbolizes the ultima...
Cocktail Lillet Wild Berry – Ein fruchtig-erfrischendes Rezept

Lillet Wild Berry Cocktail - a fruity and refreshing recipe

The Lillet Wild Berry cocktail is guaranteed to enchant you with its summery taste of b...
Erfrischender Ipanema: Ein alkoholfreier Cocktail, der an den Sommer erinnert

Refreshing Ipanema: a non-alcoholic Cocktail that reminds you of summer

Let's take a trip to Brazil, directly to the famous beach of Ipanema. No, we don't need...
Himbeer Mojito Cocktail Rezept: Ein fruchtiger Twist auf einem klassischen Cocktail

Raspberry Mojito Cocktail Recipe: a fruity twist on a classic cocktail

The raspberry mojito cocktail offers a fruity change from the classic mojito. This refr...
Der Virgin Paloma: Ein sommerlicher Cocktail ganz ohne Alkohol

The Virgin Paloma: a summery Cocktail without any alcohol

The Virgin Paloma is a non-alcoholic version of the famous Mexican cocktail "Paloma". M...
Erlebe den Geschmack Mexikos mit dem Tommy's Margarita Cocktail

Experience the taste of Mexico with the Tommy's Margarita Cocktail

Tommy's Margarita is more than just a cocktail - it's an experience that transports you...
Singapore Sling Rezept: Ein Geschmackserlebnis, das dich nach Asien entführt

Singapore Sling Recipe: a taste sensation that takes you to Asia

The Singapore Sling cocktail, a legendary drink originating in the Lion City - Singapor...
Shirley Temple Cocktail: Ein süßer und alkoholfreier Genuss mit diesem Rezept

Shirley Temple Cocktail: a sweet and alcohol-free treat with this recipe

The Shirley Temple cocktail, named after the famous child actress of the 1930s, is a de...
Planters Punch Original Rezept: Ein karibischer Cocktailtraum

Planters Punch Original Recipe: a Caribbean cocktail dream

Welcome to your trip to the Caribbean! The Planters Punch is a traditional rum cocktail...
Pimm's Cup Cocktail Rezept: Ein Hauch von Britischer Sommer-Tradition

Pimm's Cup Cocktail Recipe: A touch of British summer tradition

Imagine you're sitting in an English garden, the sun is shining and you're holding an i...
Die Magie des Penicillin Cocktails: Das Rezept für den wahren Klassiker

The Magic of the Penicillin Cocktail: the recipe for the true classic

The Penicillin cocktail is a modern classic that impresses with its unique combination ...
Negroni Rezept Original: Der klassisch-italienische Cocktail

Negroni Recipe Original: The classic Italian cocktail

The Negroni, a classic cocktail from Italy, is a true masterpiece of the cocktail art. ...
Munich Mule Rezept – Die bayrische Antwort auf den Moscow Mule

Munich Mule recipe - The Bavarian answer to the Moscow Mule

If you thought the Moscow Mule was already refreshing, then you'll love the Munich Mule...
Moskito Cocktail Rezept (alkoholfrei)

Mosquito Cocktail Recipe (non-alcoholic)

Let's go on a refreshing journey and discover this recipe for non-alcoholic Mosquito co...
Whiskey Sour Cocktail: Ein zeitloser Klassiker neu entdeckt – mit diesem Rezept

Whiskey Sour Cocktail: a timeless classic rediscovered - with this recipe

The Whiskey Sour Cocktail is a timeless classic among cocktails. Originally created in ...
Vodka Cranberry Cocktail Rezept: Der perfekte Mix aus Süße und Säure

Vodka Cranberry Cocktail Recipe: the perfect mix of sweetness and acidity

The Vodka Cranberry is a classic cocktail that impresses with its simplicity and yet fa...
Das Rezept für die Kunst der Cosmopolitan Cocktail Zubereitung

The recipe for the art of Cosmopolitan Cocktail preparation

The Cosmopolitan is more than just a cocktail - it is a symbol of sophistication and st...
Mojito Rezept – Das Original

Mojito Recipe - The original

Prepare yourself for a taste experience that will transport you to the sunny streets of...
Popular cocktails: simple recipes for fabulous enjoyment from copper cups

Some of the best cocktails are surprisingly easy to mix: They only require a few ingredients and can be prepared in just a few minutes. At the same time, they give you complex and extremely satisfying taste sensations. And when they are prepared in Specter & Cup copper cups, they give you a freshness that is out of this world! Discover the most diverse worlds of taste by clicking through our cocktail recipe collection. But don't be afraid to try the more exotic varieties, because they often taste different than you think. And with a copper cup, even the most well-known cocktail gains new levels of enjoyment that you hardly knew before...

The bestsellers from Specter & Cup

Cocktails for the perfect evening with good friends

Whether you're looking for something refreshing and invigorating to lift the mood, or something sweet and soothing to round off the evening, there's always a favorite cocktail that's perfect for the current mood:

The cocktails featured here are specially described with additional ingredients that let you create a visually stunning drink. With the natural beauty of their ingredients, these are guaranteed to be the talking point of your evening. Specter & Cup copper cups, in which the cocktails featured here are often served, add an extra dimension to this spectacle: they provide a beautiful, shiny eye-catcher that harmoniously enhances the ambience of any party.

Quick cocktail recipes

We all know the situation: you have unexpected guests and little time to mix an appealing drink.

Don't worry, because in this category we have provided you with popular cocktail recipes that can easily convince even the hard-to-please! Not only are they incredibly delicious, they're also lightning fast to prepare. Some of these recipes require no more than 4 or 5 ingredients and can be mixed together in less than 5 minutes. Yet they still deliver the sophisticated flavor profiles you expect from a high-quality bar-style cocktail.

However, even in the rush, we mustn't forget the importance of the right serving utensils: Serving a cocktail in a copper cup not only offers aesthetic benefits, but also enhances the tactile experience of your cocktail. The copper of the cup keeps the drink cool for longer, so you and your guests can sit back, relax and enjoy the cocktail in peace - because sometimes it's all too easy to get lost in conversation.

In any case, we at Specter & Cup are sure: Here you will find cocktail recipe ideas that hardly anyone can resist. Cheers!