Wholesale for Copper Cups: B2B prices for bulk buyers

✓ Manufacturer of copper cups made from pure copper

✓ Efficient process for B2B orders

✓ Transparent cost overview

✓ High stock availability

✓ Long-term supply relationship

High-quality copper cups and cocktail bar accessories for B2B

Do you want to expand your retail assortment with high quality copper cups such as Moscow Mule cups, bar products made of copper, copper cocktail mugs or copper cocktail accessories and offer fancy as well as proven gift sets or bartender sets in high quality?

Our wholesale service allows us to offer copper products made of 100% pure copper for fair prices also for stationary retailers and online stores. We can also serve larger inquiries without any problems thanks to high warehouse capacities!

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Copper cups to German quality standards

Specter & Cup copper cups are subjected to strict quality controls: Every product that leaves our warehouses is individually checked by hand for proven quality.

Promotion of society

Our profits are used to support educational and medical projects in India, the country of origin of our products.

Made in family-run factories in India

We rely on the wealth of experience of family-run manufacturers in India for our copper products. We support sustainability and environmental projects.

Kupferbecher im 4er Set liegen in einer hochwertigen Premium-Verpackung inklusive Barlöffel und Kupferstrohhalme

For high-quality copper products in the range

Our B2B offer is aimed at independent entrepreneurs in the e-commerce sector or in stationary retail or wholesale.

Specter & Cup copper products are very popular with owners of cocktail bars, private individuals, for sale in online stores and in stationary retail.

We would be happy to send you our B2B price list and information on payment and delivery terms.

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