Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Finally, stylish gift giving for the true connoisseur of sophisticated cocktails: when ordinary gifts are no longer enough, Specter & Cup fascinates with special gift ideas. Even the most knowledgeable cocktail lover will find something new to discover - and to celebrate.

Why copper makes the heart of real cocktail lovers beat faster

Copper accessories for the home cocktail bar offer a warm, reddish-brown color that captivates with an incomparable shine. Anyone who has ever drunk from real copper cups knows what we mean. But it's not just the look of copper that makes it so popular with cocktail lovers. The unique properties of this precious metal also have numerous advantages. The high thermal conductivity of copper ensures that drinks in a copper cup retain their ideal drinking temperature for longer. Whether for a cold Moscow Mule, delicious mocktails or juice spritzers: with copper mugs, cocktail lovers can always enjoy their treats a little longer.

Exclusivity starts with the gift packaging

The special features of cocktail copper accessories that make eyes sparkle

A copper product is more than just a utilitarian object from which your best friends can enjoy their favorite cocktail. It's an experience, a statement and a sign of good, stylish taste. Specter & Cup combines all of these qualities in its products, bringing a touch of exclusivity to any home bar: the cool, solid feel of a copper cup in your hand promises a uniquely high quality that is unrivaled in most home bars. The mirror-like surface, which reflects the light in a special way, turns every sip into a visual spectacle. The eye-catching weight communicates robustness and durability that will last for many years. And the sparkling eyes of the recipient show that your appreciation in the form of high quality and exclusivity has actually arrived.

Made of 100%

Pure copper


As a gift


Cooling properties

First satisfaction, then taste

Why cocktail lovers trust Specter & Cup

The perfect gift for discerning cocktail lovers

There are moments that call for an exceptional gift, such as milestone birthdays, special anniversaries or festive occasions like Christmas. Your choice to choose a Specter & Cup product for your next gift is not just about the shiny, pure copper that immediately catches the eye and turns every drink into a luxurious experience. It's also simply about the fact that each piece is traditionally handcrafted and therefore truly unique. Because we think so: A gift is more than just the product itself. It also means that you have put some thought into it. It's also the surroundings that count. And this is exactly where Specter & Cup's exclusive premium packaging comes in. We have already wrapped your gift for you to announce the elegance of the contents with great anticipation. It conveys the value and exclusivity of the contents at first glance and makes it something really special. Every gift you get from Specter & Cup will be a precious surprise that cocktail lovers won't soon forget.

Specter & Cup: A promise of quality and sustainability

Special gifts, handmade from pure copper

Each piece of accessory for cocktail lovers is handmade with the utmost care in traditional, family-run factories in India and undergoes strict quality controls.

Our claim: Highest quality standards

Gifting without a guilty conscience: Specter & Cup is based on German standards to ensure consistently high product quality.

Personalize with a personal dedication

Would you like to make your gift even more personal? Give us your personalized congratulations with your order, which we can include in the gift card.

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