Lillet Wild Berry Cocktail - a fruity and refreshing recipe

The Lillet Wild Berry cocktail is guaranteed to enchant you with its summery taste of berries and the fine aroma of Lillet Blanc! The harmonious combination of fruit, wine and a hint of citrus makes this cocktail a special treat.

Your recipe for the perfect Lillet Wild Berry cocktail
  • 5 cl Lillet Blanc
  • 10 cl Schweppes Wild Berry
  • 4 strawberries
  • 1 slice of lime
  • ice cubes

Your step-by-step guide to the perfect Lillet Wild Berry

Step 1: Prepare the strawberries

Take the fresh, sweet strawberries in your hand and feel their plump fullness. Wash them thoroughly and cut them in half. The aroma of the fresh berries immediately fills the room.

Step 2: Add ice cubes to the glass

Now fill your copper cocktail cup with ice cubes. Feel how the cold coats the cup and the pleasant tingling sensation of the imminent enjoyment.

Step 3: Add Lillet Blanc

Pour the Lillet Blanc over the ice. Its subtle aromas unfold and mingle with the coldness of the ice.

Step 4: Add Schweppes Wild Berry

Now add the Schweppes Wild Berry. Its fruity aroma permeates the room and blends perfectly with the Lillet Blanc.

Step 5: Garnish with strawberries and a slice of lime

Garnish your glass with the halved strawberries and the slice of lime. The colors literally jump out at you and make the cocktail a real feast for the eyes.


Experience the perfect Lillet Wild Berry in a Specter & Cup Copper Cup

A Specter & Cup copper cup can intensify the Lillet Wild Berry experience:

The cup keeps your cocktail cooler for longer and enhances the aromas. It emphasizes the freshness of the cocktail and brings out the sparkling notes of Lillet Blanc and Schweppes Wild Berry even more.

The cup is not only practical, but also aesthetic. Its shiny copper reflects the colors of the cocktail and creates an appealing overall look that takes enjoyment to a whole new level. The copper cup also offers a tactile pleasure - the cool metal is pleasant to the touch and ensures an all-round successful cocktail experience.

With every sip of your Lillet Wild Berry from the Specter & Cup copper cup, you can embark on a journey through summery flavors that will remind you of warm days and balmy evenings. It's not just a cocktail, it's an experience - one that you shouldn't miss out on.


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