Munich Mule recipe - The Bavarian answer to the Moscow Mule

If you thought the Moscow Mule was already refreshing, then you'll love the Munich Mule recipe:

With its Bavarian twist and the use of gin instead of vodka, this cocktail brings a touch of Oktoberfest into your home.

Everything you need to know for your Munich Mule cocktail at a glance
  • 50 ml gin
  • 200 ml ginger beer
  • 15 ml lime juice
  • ice cubes
  • A slice of lime and a sprig of mint to garnish

How to mix the perfect Munich Mule cocktail

Step 1: Prepare the copper cup

Fill your Specter copper cup halfway with ice. The coldness of the ice is absorbed by the copper cup and keeps your cocktail refreshingly cold for longer.

Step 2: Add gin

Now pour your chosen gin over the ice. Feel the aroma of the gin as it mixes with the cold of the ice and prepares for the other ingredients.

Step 3: Pour in the lime juice

Now it's time for the lime juice. The freshly squeezed juice gives your Munich Mule that certain something and harmonizes perfectly with the gin.

Step 4: Add ginger beer

Now add the chilled ginger beer. Watch the bubbles rise and the cocktail come to life.

Step 5: Garnish and enjoy

Finally, garnish your cocktail with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint.

And now: sit back, enjoy the refreshing taste of your Munich Mules and imagine you're at the Oktoberfest.



Munich Mule enjoyment from a Specter & Cup Copper Cup

Using a copper cup for your Munich Mule is not just a matter of aesthetics, although it certainly adds a touch of elegance to your cocktail experience. A copper mug has actual benefits that can enhance the enjoyment of your cocktail:

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat. This means that it quickly absorbs the temperature of whatever it touches. So when you fill your glass with ice, the cup quickly absorbs the cold from the ice. This keeps your drink cold and refreshing for longer, which is a great advantage, especially on warm days.

The Munich Mule is a unique cocktail that brings the spirit of Bavaria to life in your home. Now you know how to make this refreshing cocktail .

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