The Magic of the Penicillin Cocktail: the recipe for the true classic

The Penicillin cocktail is a modern classic that impresses with its unique combination of smoky whisky, fresh lemon and spicy ginger. Originating in New York in the early 2000s, this drink has quickly found its way onto the cocktail menus of the world's best bars. Follow this simple Penicillin cocktail recipe to get the true taste of this classic.

Penicillin cocktail - Everything you need to know
  • 60 ml smoky whisky (e.g. Scotch)
  • 30 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 15 ml honey-ginger syrup
  • A dash of Islay single malt whisky
  • Ice cubes
  • Lemon slice and piece of ginger for garnish

Awaken the cocktail doctor in you - the preparation of the Penicillin cocktail

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

Start your cocktail preparation by squeezing the fresh lemon juice and cutting the ginger into thin slices. Feel the citrus scent and pungent aroma of the ginger invigorate your senses - and play the messenger for the pleasure to come.

Step 2: Mix the cocktail

Pour the whisky, lemon juice and honey-ginger syrup into the shaker. Feel the ingredients meld together to create this unique cocktail.

Step 3: Shake the shaker

Place the ice cubes in the shaker and shake vigorously. Listen to the clinking of the ice cubes in the shaker and imagine how they cool the cocktail and give it its refreshing character.

Step 4: Serve the cocktail

Pour the cocktail into your copper cup and garnish with a slice of lemon and a piece of ginger. And now wait a moment to look at your masterpiece - and look forward to the first sip that is about to follow...

Step 5: Enjoy your cocktail

Now take the first sip: taste the complexity of the flavors, the balance between the acidity of the lemon, the sweetness of the honey and the spiciness of the ginger, enhanced by the smoky finish of the whisky.

Step 6: Go deeper - perfect the cocktail

Would you like to dive a layer deeper into the penicillin pleasure? Then add a shot of Islay single malt whisky to the tumbler. Enjoy how this final touch makes the taste of your cocktail even deeper and richer.


Go one step further: enjoy your penicillin cocktail in a Specter & Cup Copper Cup

Nothing goes better with a Penicillin cocktail than a hammered Specter & Cup copper cup Cataleya. The copper cup keeps your cocktail cool for longer and intensifies the taste experience. It also gives your cocktail that certain something that sets it apart from an ordinary drink.

The copper of the cup reacts to the temperature of the cocktail, which means that the coldness of the drink is transferred to your lips. This enhances the refreshing feeling with every sip. What's more, the shiny copper takes the visual appeal of your cocktail to a whole new level.

With the Specter & Cup copper cup, your Penicillin cocktail will not only be a culinary delight, but also an aesthetic experience. Try it out and experience the difference!

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