Refreshing Ipanema: a non-alcoholic Cocktail that reminds you of summer

Let's take a trip to Brazil, directly to the famous beach of Ipanema. No, we don't need a plane ticket. We'll prepare a refreshing Ipanema cocktail without alcohol, a summery thirst quencher that brings the tropical warmth and sunny ambience of Brazil straight to your copper cup!

Everything you need for your non-alcoholic Ipanema cocktail
  • 1 lime
  • 2 tsp cane sugar
  • Crushed ice
  • 200 ml ginger ale
  • 50 ml passion fruit nectar
  • Fresh mint for decoration

How to create the perfect Ipanema cocktail

Step 1: Muddle the lime and sugar

Cut the lime into eighths and place in the shaker. Add the cane sugar and squeeze with the muddler until the juice is released and mixes with the sugar. Feel the fresh citrus aroma filling your kitchen.

Step 2: Add ice

Fill the shaker halfway with crushed ice. Imagine how the ice melts under the tropical Brazilian sun and provides the perfect refreshment!

Step 3: Add passion fruit nectar and ginger ale

Pour the passion fruit nectar and ginger ale into the shaker. Close the shaker and shake vigorously to mix all the flavors.

Step 4: Serve the cocktail

Fill your copper cocktail cup with the mixed cocktail and garnish with a mint. Enjoy the colorful sight that reminds you of a sunny day on the beach in Ipanema.

Step 5: Enjoy your Ipanema

Take a sip of your cocktail and let the tropical aromas enchant you


Experience the ultimate Ipanema indulgence with a Specter & Cup Copper Cup

While the Ipanema cocktail is already a refreshing sensation in itself, there's a way to enhance the experience even further: serve it in a Specter & Cup copper cup!

Copper has unique properties that make it the perfect vessel for cocktails. It conducts heat excellently, keeping your Ipanema cold for longer.

A Specter & Cup copper cup is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. It adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your cocktail that makes you feel like you're in an exclusive beach bar instead of at home. Plus, the cool cup in your hand enhances the refreshing experience of the Ipanema cocktail...

After all, enjoying a cocktail is about more than just the taste. It's about the whole experience - the presentation of the cocktail, the atmosphere and how it makes you feel. A Specter & Cup copper cup takes your Ipanema cocktail to the next level and makes the drinking experience unforgettable!

So, what are you waiting for? Mix your Ipanema cocktail, pour it into your Specter & Cup copper mug and enjoy a slice of Brazilian beach life wherever you are.


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