Sea Breeze Cocktail: Like a summer breeze in a cocktail cup

The Sea Breeze cocktail is a refreshing drink that combines the flavors of grapefruit, cranberry and vodka. This summery cocktail is reminiscent of warm days at the beach and invites you to relax and enjoy. Find out how to make this fruity, light cocktail and get the best out of it in this Sea Breeze recipe.

Sea Breeze Cocktail - Everything you need to know
  • 4 cl vodka
  • 6 cl cranberry juice
  • 6 cl grapefruit juice
  • ice cubes
  • lime slice and mint to garnish

How to prepare your Sea Breeze cocktail

Step 1: Prepare ice cubes

Fill the shaker halfway with ice cubes to ensure the cocktail is pleasantly chilled later on.

Step 2: Add ingredients

Now pour the vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice into the shaker. Feel the fruity sweetness and light acidity of the juices, which will remind you of a dreamy summer's day.

Step 3: Shake

Close the shaker and shake the ingredients vigorously for around 10 seconds to mix them well and ensure a perfect consistency.

Step 4: Serve the cocktail

Pour the cocktail through a sieve into a chilled copper mug. Feel the aromas unfold and the cup fill with the summery freshness of the Sea Breeze cocktail.

Step 5: Garnish

Garnish the cocktail with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint. The lime provides an additional citrus note, while the mint rounds off the summery flavor.

Step 6: Enjoy

Take a moment to enjoy your Sea Breeze cocktail. Taste the refreshing combination of grapefruit, cranberry and vodka and dream of a perfect summer's day at the beach.


The Sea Breeze Cocktail - Perfect in a Specter & Cup Copper Cup

Choosing the right cup can make a big difference to your cocktail experience. A Specter & Cup copper cup is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offers several advantages that are particularly evident with a Sea Breeze cocktail:

Firstly, a copper cup keeps your drink cooler for longer. As the Sea Breeze cocktail is served ice cold, it stays refreshing and delicious for longer in a copper cup. The metal conducts the cocktail's coldness to the entire surface of the cup, ensuring a consistently cool drinking experience.

On the other hand, the copper cup enhances the taste experience. The metal reacts with the acids in the cocktail, intensifying the fruity aroma of the grapefruit and cranberry juice. This turns every sip into a unique taste experience.

So why not enjoy your next Sea Breeze cocktail in a Specter & Cup copper cup? Try it out and experience the difference.

With this recipe, you have everything you need to create a refreshing Sea Breeze cocktail. Whether on a hot summer's day, at a party with friends or just to enjoy a quiet evening - this cocktail is always a good choice.

So shake your shaker, fill your copper cup and enjoy the taste of summer!

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